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nsrhsmrecall - recall HSM files to file system


       nsrhsmrecall [ -qRuv ] [ -I includefile ] [ path1 path2 ...  ]


       nsrhsmrecall  is  a  NetWorker XDSM HSM-specific command used to recall
       one or more files from nearline storage to the file system.   nsrhsmre-
       call  can  be  used before reading a large number of files.  For two or
       more files, nsrhsmrecall is usually faster than  automatic  transparent
       recalls caused by read or write system calls.

       If  no  path  arguments  and no includefile are specified, nsrhsmrecall
       recalls files in the current directory.


       -q     Quiet. Turns off the verbose output.  nsrhsmrecall normally runs
              with verbose output.

       -R     Recurse  subdirectories  of directories specified on the command
              line, or in the input file.  By default, nsrhsmrecall  does  not
              recurse into subdirectories.

       -u     Stops  when an error occurs during recall.   Normally, nsrhsmre-
              call treats errors as warnings and tries to continue  to  recall
              the  rest  of the files requested.  However, when this option is
              used, nsrhsmrecall will stop recalling on  the  first  error  it

       -v     Enables more verbose output.

       -I includefile
              Takes the paths to recall from the command line, and reads paths
              to recall from the file includefile.  The paths must  be  listed
              one  per  line.   If no paths are specified on the command line,
              only those paths specified in includefile will be recovered.


       To recall all of the files in the current directory,  you  would  enter
       the following command:


       To recall all files named Index, you would enter the following command:

       find . -name Index -print | nsrhsmrecall -I -


       The file name printed on recall is the file name at the time  the  file
       was premigrated.

       Recover  of  HSM  stub files to a different location will cause two HSM
       stubs to refer to the same data, however only one of the HSM stubs  can
       be recalled at a time.  Run nsrhsmrecall again to recall the files that


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