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   - Windows Only


nsrhsmclear - destroy outstanding HSM events and sessions


       nsrhsmclear [ -vn ]


       If  killed,  HSM  processes may leave sessions, tokens, and file locks.
       Other processes trying to access a locked file  will  block  until  the
       lock is released.  nsrhsmclear will release those locks.

       nsrhsmclear  destroys  all  XDSM  HSM tokens and sessions that may have
       outstanding file locks, and may be associated with HSM filesystem read,
       write,  or  truncate  requests.  Those requests will be aborted with an
       I/O error.

       Note: nsrhsmclear should be  used  with  caution  because  file  system
       clients and HSM processes will receive I/O errors.


       -n     Print tokens and sessions, but do not destroy any.

       -v     Print verbose descriptions of tokens.


       nsrhsmd(1), nsrhsmls(1), nsrpmig(1), nsrmig(1), nsr_migration(5),


   Exit Codes
       0      Normal exit.
       1      An error occurred.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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