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ielem - initialize element status


       ielem [ -a b.t.l ] [ -r eladdr.nel ]


       The  ielem  program  sends  an INITIALIZE ELEMENT STATUS command to the
       named device.

       Some changers support the ability to initialize element  status  for  a
       range  of  elements.  The  command  used  for this is the Vendor Unique
       EXABYTE changer command:

                       INITIALIZE ELEMENT STATUS (with range)
       (command opcode 0xE7).


       -a b.t.l
              Selects a specific ordinal SCSI address, where b is the  logical
              SCSI  bus,  t is the SCSI target, and l is the SCSI logical unit
              number (LUN) on that target. See libscsi(1).  This is a required

       -r eladdr.nel
              Specifies  the  range  of elements, where eladdr is the starting
              decimal address (in the autochanger's numbering) of the  element
              to start from, and nel is the number of status elements to read.
              This option can be used if your autochanger supports the  Vendor
              Unique EXABYTE autochanger INITALIZE ELEMENT STATUS command.




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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