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   - Windows Only


nsrcap - update the capabilities of a NetWorker installation


       nsrcap [ -vn ] { -c | -d | -u } enabler-code


       The  nsrcap  program  is  primarily used to enable new features on Net-
       Worker.  You can also use nsrcap  to  upgrade  or  downgrade  NetWorker
       software  features  that are currently being used.  (Upgrades and down-
       grades should be performed carefully.  Read  the  options  descriptions
       below).   Enablers  are  separate  from the NetWorker software, and are
       specified by an 18-digit code, usually displayed as 3 groups of 6  dig-
       its each.  To enable a new feature, the nsrd(1) program must be running
       on the system where the NetWorker server  software  is  installed.   To
       enable  a  new feature you must be logged in to the NetWorker server as
       administrator or root. The nsrcap program is run once for each  feature
       you  want  to  enable by specifying the 18-digit code each time.  If no
       errors occur, no output is printed.  You can inspect the enablers  cur-
       rently  loaded by viewing the NSR license resources using nwadmin(1) or


       -c     Causes  nsrcap  to  enable  a  feature  that  is  not  currently
              installed, using the specified enabler code.

              Enabler  codes  are listed on enabler certificates provided when
              you purchase NetWorker.  An authorization code  is  required  to
              make  each license permanent.  To obtain authorization codes for
              your NetWorker product via the World Wide Web, simply point your
              web browser to URL: http://license.legato.com. You will be asked
              to enter the enabler code for each authorization code  that  you
              request.   For  more  details  on NetWorker licensing, including
              other methods to obtain authorization codes, refer to  the  Net-
              Worker Installation and Administration Guide and the latest Net-
              Worker Release Supplement.

              You can only load a feature once; an error is  returned  if  you
              attempt  to load the enabler more than once.  You can only spec-
              ify one of the -c, -d, or -u options.

       -d     Causes nsrcap to downgrade an existing Base or Jukebox  enabler.
              After you downgrade the enabler, you cannot return to the previ-
              ous level enabled on the system.   Do  not  use  the  -u  option
              unless  instructed  to  do  so by Legato Technical Support.  You
              must specify one of the -c, -d, or -u options.

       -u     Causes nsrcap to enter an enabler that upgrades an existing Base
              or  Jukebox  enabler.  After you upgrade the enabler, you cannot
              return to the previous level enabled on the system. If  you  use
              the Base enabler, it will put the new license in the grace mode.
              Nsrcap utilizes the grace mode to ensure that  the  new  enabler
              will  not immediately time out.  Do not use the -u option unless
              instructed to do so by Legato Technical Support.

              entered  into  the NetWorker server's nsr_license resource.  You
              must specify one of the -c, -d, or -u options.


       nwadmin(1), jbconfig(1), nsradmin(1), nsrd(1).


       enabler-code is too long
              Enabler codes must be 18 digits in length. The code  entered  is
              longer than 18 digits, and is invalid.

       invalid code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx
              The  18-digit  code entered on the command line is invalid.  Re-
              check the enabler-code on your enabler sheet.

       cannot find a jukebox resource to enable
              The code word entered is a jukebox license  enabler,  but  there
              are no jukebox resources to enable.  You need to run jbconfig(1)
              to complete the jukebox installation before running nsrcap.

       found a jukebox, but it had more than N slots.
              Jukebox enablers can only enable jukeboxes with at most N physi-
              cal  slots,  where N is the type of jukebox enabler.  Either the
              jukebox was installed incorrectly,  or  you  need  to  obtain  a
              larger jukebox enabler.

       this enabler-code is already assigned
              The  enabler-code  entered is already loaded onto the system and
              cannot be used again for an upgrade.

       no appropriate jukeboxes to upgrade
              An upgrade was attempted, but no jukebox resources  were  found.
              Only  use  the  -u  option for jukeboxes when upgrading from one
              jukebox level to another, not on the initial installation.   You
              also need to run jbconfig(1) before running nsrcap.

       this enabler-code previously loaded
              The  enabler-code entered has been loaded onto the system previ-
              ously and cannot be used again.  You  need  to  purchase  a  new
              enabler-code for the upgrade.

       don't know how to upgrade this enabler
       don't know how to downgrade this enabler
              The  enabler-code  entered is not for a base or jukebox enabler.
              These are the only types of  enablers  that  you  can  currently
              upgrade or downgrade.

       base enabler must be loaded before upgrading
       base enabler must be loaded before downgrading
              You  cannot perform an upgrade or downgrade until a base product
              has been installed.  Install a base enabler,  and  then  perform
              the upgrade or downgrade.

       cannot find the enabler to upgrade
              A jukebox upgrade was attempted, but the license enabler for the
              jukebox is not currently loaded.  You must use the -c option for
              the  initial  installation  of  a  jukebox  enabler,  not the -u

       RAP error: user login name needs to be of the type: NSR
              administrator list.
              Your login name is not listed in the  administrator's  list  for
              the server.  You need to be a valid administrator to run nsrcap.

       RAP error: ...
              Various other errors can be returned from nsrd if the enabler is
              invalid.  For  example, if you try to load a base enabler onto a
              system that already has a base enabler loaded, or if you attempt
              to load a jukebox enabler before the jukebox has been completely
              installed.  The specific problem will follow the RAP error  pre-


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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