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nsrlic - NetWorker license reporting command


       nsrlic [ -vi ] [ -s server ]


       The nsrlic command generates reports about all license information cur-
       rently active on a NetWorker server.  This  command  queries  the  Net-
       Worker resource database, and formats and displays the results to stan-
       dard output.

       The nsrlic program reports: the number of server  or  universal  client
       licenses,  the  number  of  server  client licenses used, the number of
       server client licenses borrowed by workstation clients, the  number  of
       remaining  server client licenses, the list of server clients connected
       to the named NetWorker server, the list of server  clients  defined  in
       the  specified  NetWorker  server,  the  number  of  workstation client
       licenses, the number of workstation licenses needed or used, the number
       of  remaining  workstation  client  licenses,  the  list of workstation
       clients connected to the specified NetWorker server, the list of  work-
       station  clients  defined on the specified NetWorker server, the number
       of server clients listed by platform, the number of workstation clients
       listed by platform, the list of valid client paks installed on the sys-
       tem, and the list of client types allowed by  client  paks  and  server
       enablers installed on the system.

       When  applications  exist  which require licensing, nsrlic also reports
       them in the same manner.  In this case, however, the  output  will  not
       contain any references unless either there are licenses available, or a
       connected client is utilizing a license count for such applications.


       -i     Selects interactive mode.  In this mode, you can request differ-
              ent  reports,  refresh the information, or switch to a different
              server.  The information is  requested  once  and  cached  until
              another connect command is issued.

       -s server
              Selects which NetWorker server to query.  By default, the server
              on the local system is queried.

       -v     Selects verbose mode.  In addition to the number of licenses  or
              the  number  of clients, a list of connected and defined clients
              is gathered and displayed.


       The following commands are supported in the interactive mode:

       connect [ server ]
              Connects to the named server.  By default, this is the server on
              the local system.

              Produces  a  detailed  report.   Displays  a  list  of connected
              Displays a summary report.

              Is the same as online help.

              Performs an immediate exit from nsrlic.


       nsrlic displays a "usage" message describing the available options when
       characters are used that are not valid for this command.

       command not found
              Indicates that the command is not a supported command.

       RPC error: Remote system error RPC error: Program not registered
              Indicates  that  some problems were encountered while connecting
              to the NetWorker server on the  specified  system.   The  nsrlic
              command  requires  that the NetWorker daemons be running.  Start
              your NetWorker daemons (nsrd) and  rerun  nsrlic.   If  nsrd  is
              already  running,  you have probably reached a resource limit on
              the server (for example, not  enough  memory  or  no  more  pro-

       Server xxx does NOT have Self-Identifying capability
              Indicates  that the specified NetWorker server does not have the
              capability to report license information.


       nsrd(1), nsradmin(1), nwadmin(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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