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lgtolmd - Legato license daemon


       lgtolmd -p product -n version


       The  lgtolmd  daemon  is  an RPC-based licensing service.  This service
       allows applications to store and manipulate license data.  The RPC pro-
       gram  number  provided  by  lgtolmd  is  390115.   To  support multiple
       instances of the protocol, the version number is unique to each  appli-
       cation.   The  required  parameters  are  determined  by each product's
       installation script.


       -p product
              Specify the product that will be interfacing  with  the  license
              daemon.   The  currently  supported  products are gems (for GEMS
              default install directory /gems) and opt/SmartMedia (for  Smart-
              Media  default  install directory /opt/SmartMedia) on UNIX plat-
              forms.  For NetWorker, nsr/lic (for  NetWorker  default  install
              directory /nsr) on UNIX platforms.

       -n version
              Specify  the version number.  Some products use a unique version
              number.  Currently, SmartMedia uses version 2 and  GEMS  Storage
              Reporter uses version 3.  Both GEMS and NetWorker use version 1.
              The future plan is to have all  Legato  products  use  the  same
              license manager, that is, version number 1.


                 Attributes describing the license daemon's license resources.
                 This file should not be manually removed or modified  in  any

                 For  internal  use  only.   This  file should not be manually
                 removed or modified in any way.

                 Log file for diagnostic and  informational  messages  on  the
                 license  daemon.  For example, if a license has expired, this
                 information will be printed to this log as  well  as  to  the




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