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cdi_ta - get TapeAlert information from or set TapeAlert on a tape device


       cdi_ta -f device [ -d ] [ -i interval ] [ -l ] [ -m MRIE ] [  -n  test-
              flag ] [ -s ] [ -v ] [ -t { s | t | g | n | m | i } ]


       The  cdi_ta  program  gets from or sets TapeAlert information on a tape
       device.  The cdi_ta program also returns the status of the  named  SCSI
       device (specified by the -f option).  Note that not all devices support
       the TapeAlert feature.  If the device does not  support  the  TapeAlert
       feature or the TapeAlert data returned by the device is invalid, cdi_ta
       will return the status CDI_IOCTL_ERROR (11).  The set TapeAlert  opera-
       tion is currently not functional.


       -f     device
            Specifies the device to send the ta SCSI command to.


       -d     Set  the  DExcept field to 1.  If set to 1, disable all informa-
              tional exception operations and  ignore  the  MRIE  field.   The
              software  must  poll  the TapeAlert log page.  The default value
              for the DExcept field is 0.

       -i     interval
            Set the interval timer for  reporting  exception  conditions.   If
            interval  is  set  to 0, report informational exception conditions
            only once.  The default value for the interval timer is 0.

       -l     Set what types of exception conditions are logged.  If set to 0,
              which  is the default, log only vendor specific exception condi-
              tions.  This flag sets  the  log  error  condition  to  1.   The
              default is 0.

       -m     MRIE
            Define  the  method  used to report informational exception condi-
            tions.  Values of 0x0 through 0x5 for the MRIE are defined as:

            VALUE     METHOD
            0x0   No reporting
            0x1   Asynchronous event reporting
            0x3   Conditionally generate recovered error
            0x4   Unconditionally generate recovered error
            0x5   Generate no sense
            0x6   Only report informational exception conditions on request

            Currently, only value 0x0 is supported.  The default value for the
            MRIE field is 0.

       -n     testflag
            Set or clear the TapeAlert test flag in the log page.  If testflag
              will get TapeAlert data.

       -t     Use the -t option to specify the method of tape functions to use
              for the get/set TapeAlert SCSI command.  If the -t option is not
              specified, the default method is to use the OS tape driver  SCSI
              passthrough  functions.   Please refer to the libcdi (1) manpage
              for the complete list of access methods currently  supported  by
              the cdi_ta program.

       -v     Run the program in verbose mode.  This option will print out the
              version number of the CDI library used by the program.


       Sample output including drive status information:

     % cdi_ta -f /dev/rmt/2cbn

     CDI Get_TapeAlert returns:
             (only flags that are SET will be shown)

     Tape Critical flags:

     Tape Warning flags:

     Tape Information flags:

     Changer Critical flags:

     Changer Warning flags:

     Changer Information flags:

       _info.drivestat is:
         status = 1, DRIVE_STATUS_NO_ERROR
         msg = Drive reports no error - but state is unknown




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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