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nsrmmdbasm - NetWorker module for saving and recovering media databases


       nsrmmdbasm [ standard-asm-arguments ]


       The nsrmmdbasm is a standard, external ASM (Application  Specific  Mod-
       ule)  that  assists in the saving and recovering of the NetWorker media
       multiplexor's database files.

       See uasm(1) for a general description of ASMs and the [standard-asm-ar-
       guments].   It  is  intended  that  nsrmmdbasm only be invoked by 
       nsrmmdbd(1) or mmrecov(1) operations.

       Features of nsrmmdbasm performance specific to the  NetWorker  applica-
       tion during a save are:

       Architecture independence:
              The high speed access methods and data structures implemented by
              the database code are machine-dependent.  This  ASM  saves  only
              the records (and not access indexes) in an architecture-indepen-
              dent manner.  Therefore, NetWorker media databases may be  saved
              from one machine architecture and recovered to another.

              Since  only changed records are saved, and not internal indexes,
              considerable network bandwidth and tape space are conserved.

       The recover operation of this ASM is the inverse of the save operation.


       /nsr/mm/.nsr        This directive file causes most files in the direc-
                           tory to be skipped during normal  save  operations.
                           nsrmmdbasm ignores this directive.

       /nsr/mm/mmvolume6   The  directory which is saved and recovered by this

       /nsr/mm/mmvolume.r  A temporary file that stores the contents of a  re-
                           covered  media  database until nsrmmdbd(1) has com-
                           pleted building a new media database.

       /nsr/mm/mmvolume.s  A temporary file that this ASM reads  when  backing
                           up data.

       /nsr/mm/volume.tmp  A  temporary  file created when converting an older
                           media database schema to the present schema  during


       nsr(5),  nsr_layout(5),  mmrecov(1),  nsrmmd(1), nsrmmdbd(1), 
       nsrindexasm(1), recover(1), savegrp(1), uasm(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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